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Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil Castile Soap
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About Olivida
Olivida, “the Olive of Life” is the name given to this line of organic olive oil soap made of simple but pure, natural ingredients. The brand name Olivida was derived while the founder and his family were on vacation in Costa Rica. Inspired by the attitude for a simple way of life among the Costa Rican culture, coupled by a commonly used parable throughout Costa Rica “Pura Vida,” the founder invented “Olivida.”
The desire to introduce this pure and natural olive oil based soap stems from the founder’s profound belief in the goodness of natural products, and that care and awareness should be observed for products we put in our bodies. The founder feels that as the health conscious consumer becomes more aware of the skin moisturizing effect, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and the containment of Vitamins A & E in olive oil soap, there will be a further shift in consumer’s awareness of the benefits of the soap.
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