Olivida – Bar Soaps
Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil Castile Soap
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Bar Soaps

Bar Soaps
Natural antioxidant soap for face, body and hair.
Contrary to popular paranoia, bar soaps are perfectly antibacterial. Like liquid soaps, bar soaps are CDC-endorsed to effectively eliminate germs and prevent illness. Olivida’s bar soaps are packed with antioxidants, rich in Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, hypoallergenic, and naturally moisturizing.
Olive oil soap is distinctive in its ability to renew skin while moisturizing it, making your skin look and feel healthy.
Those beautiful flowers have many features: Lavender, which is usually noted as the herb of balanced beauty, is known as soothing, softening and balancing.
This lemon infused olive oil soap is beneficial for oily skin, as it helps in the reduction of oil secretion and cleansing of the pores.
This soap is uniquely composed of olive oil added to a mixture of treated Dead Sea Mud, which gives skin strength, flexibility and purity.
The Pomegranate is widely cherished for its rich antioxidant properties.
Treat your skin to Tea Tree Oil…
Soothe your skin with Aloe Vera.
This Variety Pack includes Olive Oil Soap, which renews and moisturizes skin; Lavender Soap, which is soothing, softening and balancing; Dead Sea Mud Soap, which gives skin strength, flexibility and purity; and Lemon Soap, which cleanses pores and brightens skin.
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