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As we all work collectively to combat COVID-19, hand washing and germ-killing remain top-of-mind. Yet when it comes to our health, many people don’t realize that using antibacterial soaps or wipes today might actually be costing us our health tomorrow.

The truth is antibacterial products have never been proven more effective at fighting germs than soap and water[1]. In fact, they may actually cause health risks while their negative impact on the environment[2] is undeniable.

So what if there was something you could use NOW to help keep you safe from coronavirus, flu strains and the common cold that also won’t cause harm to you or the environment in the future? Enter: Castile soap.

What is Castile soap (pronounced kah-steel)?

A non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable cleanser made from vegetable oil, like olive oil, and often infused with hemp, avocado or coconut oil to remove germs[3]. Simply put, it’s an all-natural soap that lathers, cleans and rinses away germs without help from any chemicals or synthetic agents (like sulfates).

What makes Castile soap most effective?

Since Castile soap is derived from plants, it’s literally nutrition for your skin. It’s naturally hydrating, safe for even the most sensitive of skin types, and gives skin a healthy glow since it’s not stripping away your natural oils like other soaps. Throw in its inability to clog pores and now you know why we use the olive-oil based soap in our Body Wash, Charcoal Soap Bar, and 2-n-1 Hair + Body Wash.

But is it tough on germs?

YES. We know what you’re thinking: I don’t care if my skin looks great right now, I don’t want coronavirus! Neither do we. That’s the beauty of Castile soap. Not only does it actually improve the health of your skin, but it REMOVES germs naturally. So, you’ll get all the benefits of germ-fighting WITHOUT the risk to your health—something the CDC[4] has been happily promoting ahead of hand sanitizer to fight this pandemic.

Since when is antibacterial soap a health risk?

Since 2013, the FDA[5] started requiring any product with antibacterial claims to prove both their efficacy and safety. That’s because there is no data that proves antibacterial products do a a) better job of killing germs than soap and water, and b) don’t pose any threat to health with long-term use. Triclosan and triclocarban are two common ingredients found in antibacterial cleansers and it is these same ingredients that have been tied to negative health risks when used daily over a long period of time (say for months on end while the world is reacting to the spread of a deadly virus?!).

Bottom line, there’s no verified proof that these well-marketed products are actually more effective in preventing the spread of germs than soap or won’t impact your health negatively.

What’s the difference between Castile soap and other liquid or bar soaps?

Castile soap is made from plant-based fats and oils which provides its nutritious benefits to skin. Other natural soaps are made from animal fats. If your liquid or bar soap is not made from either animal or vegetable fats and oils, then it’s NOT soap—it’s detergent[6]. Detergents often contain synthetic agents to replicate the natural benefits of Castile soap.

What is the difference between Castile soap and hand sanitizers or antibacterial products?

With the help of toxins, antibacterial cleansers kill germs, yes, but also leave them on your skin. So while harmful germs may be dead, they remain on your hands. Plus, as they kill germs and leave their carcasses behind, they alsoexpose[7] your body with harmful chemicals putting your health at risk down the line. That’s to say nothing of what these chemicals do to the environment when they wash down your drain—like remnants surviving treatments at sewage plants only to end up back in our agricultural system and thus, in our food supply.

Castille soap, on the other hand, actually REMOVES[8] germs to help prevent their spread without doing any damage to your health or nature’s in the process. Plain and simple.

The takeaway here is that you can safely, effectively and immediately help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and germs by simply using plant-based Castile soap daily. We believe in the power of plants and during such high-risk times, we‘re using this nature-based product to help fight the spread of illness within our own homes and families.We’re proud to offer the same safe solution to our PrepU family.









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