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7 Life Hacks To Use Leftover Soap Pieces

Got Leftovers

Leftover soap pieces that is?

If you are anything like me, then you might have a jar of small sliver soap pieces that you are not quite sure what to do with and you just hate throwing them away.


Here are a few creative ways to use up these left over slivers.

  1. Decorative soap ball: When you have the right soap pieces picked out, grate them up and add some warm water to make the shavings malleable enough to shape into balls. Make sure to store them in an area where they can completely dry out and harden, which could take a couple of weeks.
  2. Freshen Clothes: Many of us have out-of-season pieces from our wardrobe stored away, but don’t you wish there was a way to prevent that musty smell from taking over? One way is to dry out pieces from scented soaps and add them to clothes drawers. This will keep your duds smelling fresh and clean when you break them out again in a few months.
  3. Make liquid soap:
    1. Break soap into small pieces, about the size of a quarter, and place in a small pot. Add about enough water to be visible at the level that the soap slivers are at. Turn on the burner to medium heat.
    2. Avoid boil overs, but simmer for a few minutes. The goal here is to get the water and the soap hot enough that they begin to stick together. Stir often until melted
    3. Remove from heat and let it sit for 12-24 hours
    4. After it is cool, use a whisk or blender to mix together well.
    5. If it’s gelatinous, add more water and shake.
    6. Transfer to your favorite soap dispenser.
  4. Bubble Bath: Place the leftover scraps in a sack and hang it from your bathtub faucet for a luxurious bubble bath.
  5. Outdoor Luxury: Save your scraps and stuff them into the toe of an old pair of pantyhose, tie it up, and hang near your outdoor faucet. This is a great way to guarantee you’ll have soap on hand for when you’re finishing up a day in the garden, or doing some other outdoor dirty work.
  6. Deodorize shoes: Place scented soap slivers inside a coffee filter and use a rubber band to tie closed. Slide the sachet as far into the shoe as possible and leave in overnight. Repeat with another filter and soap for the other sneaker.
  7. Repel moths in stored clothes: As you put away the last of your cold-weather clothing in storage, skip the stinky mothballs and try this: Place a handful of soap slivers in a paper bag, poke a few holes in the sack, and staple it closed. Slip the whole bag inside the container where you store your clothes.

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7 Life Hacks To Use Leftover Soap Pieces