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Olive oil based soaps can be used on hair just as on your body

For most people, the thought of using soap on their hair is completely implausible. This is understandable considering standard soaps available in the market are full of potentially harmful chemicals and additives that could damage hair. Not just that, but the basic ingredients and composition of conventional soaps are best suited only for your body and cannot be used on hair without leaving it dry and extremely dull.

While it is definitely not recommended to use conventional soaps on your hair, using pure, 100% natural olive oil soaps as a shampoo substitute can lead to lively and healthy looking hair. Olive oil has been known for centuries to be a natural moisturizer and extremely mild on the entire body. These soaps have similar effects on both your skin as well as on your hair. In fact olive oil based soaps help retain the natural radiance of your hair and gently cleanses it to ensure there is no hair damage. Those suffering from frequent hair loss can also look at switching over to olive oil based soaps as they are extremely mild and do not cause hair to come in contact with potentially harmful chemicals.

Of course the key here is to use pure, 100% natural olive oil soaps. Consumers should be aware that just using olive oil soap does not guarantee that it will be chemical free or would not have damaging effects on your hair. You need to use an olive oil soap that is pure and 100% natural made using only natural ingredients such as the olive oil itself along with soda, sea salt and water.

Also considering olive oil soap is mild on both skin as well as on hair, they can be used daily without worrying about getting a dry scalp. In fact olive oil based soaps can help improve the skin health on your scalp as they have natural moisturizing properties.

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Olive oil based soaps can be used on hair just as on your body